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Welcome to the online booking platform for the SSAA Brisbane branch.

This system is for members and guests to place bookings for Private Practice, Safety and Training Courses and Special Events.

All Firearms Licence holders must present their current Firearms License for inspection. All people attending the range must wear all personal protection equipment as directed, including wearing fully enclosed shoes and hearing protection. Eye protection must be worn on the pistol ranges at all times.

Bookings for casual practice become available from 10am each Tuesday for the following week.

COVID-19 and attending the range

In accordance with conditions set forth by the Queensland Health Department, a Booking Procedure has been introduced for the SSAA Brisbane branch to allow shooting practice from 12th June 2020. This is to provide Members range access under the controlled COVID-19 conditions of "Each stage of the Roadmap to Easing of Queensland’s Restrictions".

Members are required to pre-book for the limited number of available time slots to control numbers at the range and to collect information required for contact tracing per the Queensland Health Department conditions of opening and public gathering. Bookings are essential as there will be no casual shooting, walk-ins or spectators.

Bookings are essential

Before you book

  • Before making your booking, please make sure that you have checked the clubs website for any further updates/restrictions.
  • The Rifle Range is open to all licensed shooters.
  • The Pistol Range is open to all licensed SSAA Brisbane Pistol Section Members with a Level 1 Range Officer Accreditation.
  • Limited positions are now available on both the Rifle Range and Pistol Range for licensed persons wanting to bring one unlicensed guest to the range. To make an online booking, the licensed person books a position in the area you want to shoot and the unlicensed guest books a position in the area you want to shoot in under the session labelled "Unlicensed shooter (must be accompanied by a licensed shooter)".
  • To bring an unlicensed guest with you to the Rifle Range you must have held your Category AB license for a minimum of 12 months. You must DIRECTLY supervise your guest.
  • To bring an unlicensed guest with you to the Pistol Range you must hold a current Category H licence, be a member of the SSAA Brisbane Pistol Section, and have held a Level 1 Range Officer Qualification for a minimum of 12 months. You must DIRECTLY supervise your guest.
  • Non-Members please type your birthday into the membership number field of the booking page. In the DDMMYY format. For example 30th July 1986 is typed as 300786.
  • No unlicensed shooters, guests or spectators are permitted; other than as described above.
  • Online bookings are required, with a $5 booking fee (expect for Pistol Section Members) in addition to the applicable range fee. The booking fee is payable to secure a position, and to assist the club mitigate some of the additional expenses incurred by the conditions imposed due to COVID.
  • The booking fee is non-refundable in the event of a lockdown directive missed booking, cancellation, or incorrect booking. Please take care when making a booking as we are unable to amend incorrect bookings.
  • Range Fees have been reduced due to COVID-19 session duration:
    • SSAA Brisbane Branch Member (Blue Card): Adults $13.00; Pensioners $10.00; Juniors $6.50.
    • SSAA Members: Adults $18.00; Pensioners $13.00; Juniors $9.00.
    • Non-Members: Adults $26.00; Pensioners $19.50; Juniors $13.
  • EFTPOS is the preferred payment method. Cash must be the exact amount as change is restricted.
  • Please note that failure to book will result in refusal of admittance to club ranges.

Attending the range

  • DO NOT ATTEND THE CLUB WITHOUT A BOOKING (family members & observers are not permitted);
  • You should bring your own pen for sign-on register.
  • You should bring your hand sanitizer and hygiene items.
  • Arrive no more than 15 minutes before session commencement.
  • Remain in your car until your scheduled session time.
  • Targets and ammunition are available for purchase at sign-on.
  • Maximum target distance is 200yd from benches, and 100m from standing area.
  • Bring your own firearm, benchrest stands and spotting scopes. Club hire equipment will not be available.
  • All shooters MUST depart the range within 15 minutes after booking session completed (see note below if two consecutive sessions has been booked). No lingering or congregating on premises, including the carpark.
  • Social distancing of 1.5m and safe practices MUST be observed.
  • Anyone choosing not to comply with these policies and any direction from our Range Officers will be asked to leave the range immediately.
  • It is strongly recommended that members have the COVID-19 app active on their phones.
  • Any person contracting COVID-19 at the range will not be covered under the current Pandemic Insurance exclusion.


  • Pistol Range 50m - 50m Pistol Range - Target boards and Steel swingers setup at 25m
  • Rifle SPA - Rifle Range Standing Post Area. Limited benches available.
  • Rifle Bench (MBA) - Rifle Range Bench where Muzzle Brakes are allowable.
  • Rifle Bench (NMB) - Rifle Range Bench where Muzzle Brakes are not permitted.
  • Shotgun Trap - Rifle Range Shotgun Clay Trap Machine. Steel shot must be used to comply with environmental requirements.
  • Please note that firearms without muzzle brakes are permitted in all rifle areas.
  • Two consecutive sessions may be booked when there are 3 sessions per day. When making the second booking please use your date of birth in place of your membership number. A separate booking fee is payable for each booked session however only one range fee is payable. You must remain with your equipment between sessions OR remove equipment to your vehicle.

Bringing an unlicensed guest

  • Check sessions available under "Club Events" for unlicensed guests..
  • Book a suitable session time and date for yourself under "Private Practice" with your details.
  • Then book the unlicensed guest under "Club Events" for the same session time and date with the guest’s details.
  • ALL unlicensed guests MUST bring current Photo ID. Everyone must wear fully enclosed shoes.

REMINDER: If you are a Non-Member please type your birthday into the membership number field of the booking page. In the DDMMYY format. For example 30th July 1986 is typed as 300786.

For further updates on what is happening at the club, please review the latest Members Updates available on the clubs website.

COVID update January 2021

Face Masks are Mandatory

Additional requirements are inplace for the Greater Brisbane area. This impacts residents in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay and Redlands council areas.

Individuals must wear a face mask covering their mouth and nose at all times.

Absolutely no walk-ins. If you do not have a booking you will be asked to leave.

We appreciate your understanding during this period.

Private Practice - Available Bookings
ID Date Start Time Finish Time Available Pistol Rifle - SPA Rifle - Bench (MBA) Rifle - Bench (NMB) Shotgun Trap
526 Wed 20-01-2021 13:00 16:15 18 4 7 6 1
527 Thu 21-01-2021 13:00 16:15 40 9 9 17 4 1
528 Fri 22-01-2021 08:00 10:15 37 9 10 16 1 1
529 Fri 22-01-2021 11:00 13:15 37 6 9 17 5
530 Fri 22-01-2021 14:00 16:15 40 9 9 19 6 1
532 Sat 23-01-2021 08:00 10:15 23 10 12 1
537 Sat 23-01-2021 11:00 13:15 30 8 15 7
534 Sat 23-01-2021 14:00 16:15 37 10 18 8 1
538 Sun 24-01-2021 08:00 12:00 25 8 16 1
539 Sun 24-01-2021 13:00 16:15 29 8 14 7
531 Mon 25-01-2021 13:00 16:15 40 9 8 16 6 1
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SSAA Brisbane

About the branch

The SSAA Brisbane branch is situated 20 minutes from the city and 20 minutes from the airport. Set in natural bushland, the range is truly a part of the beautiful city of Brisbane and is part of the 1250 acre Belmont Range Complex.